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Improving Agricultural Productivity through Modern Training Facilities

The German and Ethiopian governments collaborate in various programs in the agricultural sector, to contributeto the sustainable use of natural resources, better land management, increasing productivity, and ensuring food security. The activities are carried out in support of Ethiopia’s socio-economic reform agenda aimed at reducing poverty, promoting economic growth, and creating jobs.


The German Embassy handed over an Agricultural Training Centre for Mechanization (ATC) to the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), Kulumsa Agricultural Research Center (KARC) on 3 December 2020.  A visit to seed cleaning facility was also part of the ceremony.

The ATC promotes modern farming technology and methods and thus contributes to better agricultural productivity. It was created in 2011 with funding from the German Ministry of Agriculture. EIAR allocated 20 hectares of land to the ATC which is used for practical training, field demonstration, and crop production trials, with the support of GIZ. Private businesses from Germany donated modern farm machinery and supported the operation of the training center.

H.E. Dr. Fikru Regasa, State Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, said: “The number of machineries available for a variety of agricultural development services is increasing. However, farm machinery is operated by unqualified and unlicensed operators which can reduce productivity and result in loss of life and property. Establishing and strengthening agricultural mechanization training centers is considered as a major solution to qualify operators and farm mechanization professionals.”

Dr. Tolesa Alemu, Center Director of Kulumsa Agricultural Research Center on his part said that “The training provided to the operators and farm managers of Kulumsa Agricultural Research Centre (KARC) supplemented with ATC’s field demonstration on sustainable crop production methods enabled KARC to increase the production of quality early generation seeds (EGS).” He added that that “the seed cleaning facility being established by GIC will further enhance the capacity of this center to supply more quality EGS to federal and regional seed enterprises, farmer unions, cooperatives, NGOs, and farmers.”

H.E. Mr. Stephan Auer, German Ambassador to Ethiopia, said: “Both the ATC and the seed cleaner support the Ethiopian government’s efforts to modernize the agricultural sector. It is especially the young generation that must be attracted to the agricultural sector, and this can be done by offering them attractive training opportunities.”

Finally, Dr. Nicola Martin, Program Manager for the GIZ handed over the key to Dr. Feto Esimo Director General of EIAR.