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ENARESS (Enabling Next-generation Agricultural Researchers through Engaging Seasoned Scientists)

The project is a joint initiative, of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) and the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), intended to fill the knowledge and skill gaps stifling the youthful research workforce. EIAR has been building its human and physical capacity to deliver its mandate of generating improved agricultural technologies, knowledge and information, demonstrating the technologies to users and multiplying and providing source technologies. However, the institute is still facing the big challenge of serving the interests of enormously varying socioeconomic groups using its limited capacity and capability. One of the most critical challenges is the low experience and skill of its research force, which is highly dominated by young researchers.

Cognizant of the challenge, the project entitled “Enabling Next Generation Agricultural Researchers through Engaging Seasoned Scientists “, (ENARESS) was developed and launched in April 2019 to be implemented over a period of three years (2019-2021). The broad and long-term objective of the project is to build the technical as well as leadership capacities of EIAR’s youthful human resource, which presently represents the great majority of the workforce engaged in agricultural research. Successful implementation of this project will enable the delivery of agricultural technologies, information and knowledge that are relevant, effective and sustainable.


  • Enhance scientific skills of junior researchers and mid-level research leaders through short-term training, mentoring and coaching;
  • Create a system that ensures performance-based rewarding and strengthens the leadership capacity at different levels
  • Ensure that the objectives stipulated in the research strategies developed during RESARP phase –I are achieved as promised for GTP II including the mainstreaming of gender other cross-cutting issues.