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Core Functions 

·         Adaptation and generation of improved agricultural technologies,

·         Multiplication and provision of source technologies,

·         Demonstration and popularization of improved technologies,

·         Capacity building of research staff, and

·         Networking and partnership.

Objective 1: Adapt and develop appropriate technologies that enhance productivity and quality that significantly contribute to:

·         Food security

·         Export

·         Raw material for industries and import

·         substitution

·         Supplementary income generation and

·         Sustainable production system

Objective 2: Demonstrate, popularize and catalyze, scale-up and scale-out improved technologies 

·         Effective partnership with stakeholders,

·         Research-extension-farmer linkages,

·         Farmers Training Centers (FTCs), exporters, agro-processers, administrators, foreign buyers, CGIAR Centers, NGOs, others

Objective 3: Strengthen natural resources

·         management for sustainable production

·         Soil fertility management

·         Combating soil acidity/salinity problems

·         Integrated soil and water conservation

·         Small scale irrigation management

·         Agro-forestry

Objective 4: Develop and promote commercialization of under-utilized and/or nontraditional resources

·         Vegetables and fruits

·         Natural products

·         Aromatics

Objective 5: Strengthen coordination and promote partnerships

·         Strengthen research centers based on their focused mission

·         Play a leading role in agricultural policy development

·         Form strategic alliance with sub-regional and international organizations

Objective 6: Build capacity for integrated agricultural research for development

·         Demand-driven, merit-based resource development and utilization 

·         Institutional competency and associated infrastructure building 


·         Human resource competency